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Alexandra blends electronic arrangements with an experimental, often organic twist. She combines both orchestral and synthetic  textures with a blend of lovingly crafted sound design and acoustic recordings. She skilfully intertwines her music with the visual narrative, and her early background DJing and producing in the Electronic Dance Music realm injects a unique energy into her production for harder-hitting onscreen moments.


Not one to be pigeonholed, her experience in sound recording paired with her experimental vision have steadily broadened her range from the beginning of her career. She has worked with a range of talented musicians in many beautiful recording spaces, a highlight being the long-revered Trident Studios, Soho. She has also proven herself in the orchestral realm with her ethereal score for short film 'SHADIN', which was premiered to accolade at London Film Week 2018, and new feature film Dream Hacker which boasts a bold collision of electronic and strings, as well as short film 'REVELATIONS' (winner of Best Narrative Short at Filmteenth Film Festival Washington D.C).

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